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What are web push notifications?

Web push notifications can contain a variety of information, such as news updates, product announcements, or reminders. They can also include images, links, and calls to action. One of the key advantages of web push notifications is their ability to reach users even when they are not actively using the website.

Key Features

  • AI delivery – Sends notification based on customer last activity of click and purchase history. Smart segmentation – You can create segmentation of push customers based on all criterias.
  • Abandoned views – will send notification to customer who last viewed product but did not added to cart.
  • Custom attributiont – with this attribution setting you can set your tracking criteria based on impression and clicks as well as time duration. i.e 7 days or 28 days etc
  • Success manager – Marketing expert will give one on one session on how to increase more sales using push notification.
  • Integration – Integrations with other available shopify apps and flows. (coming soon)

Turn social media posts into notifications

Social media posts can easily be tailored into web push notifications and turned into a visual asset to generate better responses.

Remodel your email campaigns into short web push messages

Quick, concise and effective strategies to reach and market to a new audience supercharge your marketing and increase views of posts and videos which lead to conversions and product sales.
  • Dedicated chat support
  • Flash sale
  • Abandoned cart
  • Custom prompt –custom design popup
  • Email reports
  • Subscribe details

How can PushBot help your brand?

Sell more, generate higher revenue and ensure a positive customer experience with PushBot!

Why send web push campaigns?

Create customized promotional messages, using product images. Drive higher traffic to your site and create attention-grabbing ads that are delivered within seconds. Ensure a positive consumer journey and send time barred promotions and offers.

Why have abandoned cart reminders?

Magnify visibility across different times to ensure purchases 28% increase in AOV for carts recovered via web push Added discounts can help recover abandoned carts better.

Why the

Subscribers can be targeted based on purchase history, location and other behaviours and patterns. Personalised campaigns that reflect your users interest and needs. 80% increase in AOV by segmenting web push campaigns.

Pricing Table

What brands are benefiting from PushBot

  • 500 Impressions
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Send Campaigns
  • Schedule Campaigns


impressions per month

  • Upto 50,000 Impressions
  • All basic features
  • Subscriber Details
  • Abandoned Cart Automation


impressions per month

  • Upto 1,500,000 Impressions
  • All Business features
  • Flash Sale
  • Segmentation

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