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About Universal Product Feed App

Our App helps create dynamic product feeds or shops on Facebook, Google, Snapchat and TikTok for different categories that help remarket people on all these platforms. These Ads are more customized and better targeted to existing and potential app users and perform better.

What are dynamic ads?

Dynamic Ads are the advertisements that are designed to automatically change in order to display content and promotions specifically tailored for each user based on their behavior. They help you deliver more relevant ads that connect with their target audiences. Using dynamic ads, any brand is able to segment those people who have been on their website or app and offer them exclusively the products they have seen or are most interested in.
Note: you have to create prduct catalog in Your business manager in order to use these features.

Why Do We Need This

Our app creates Facebook and Instagram dynamic shops and product feeds to automate the process of making ads for different collections or categories. It saves you time by syncing data with the relevant platform and automatically updates new products, prices and inventory. We’re fully automated, which makes us simply the best and incredible!

Collection Based Feed

Now you can make product feed for any specific collection or multiple collections. So, we can include or exclude any collection in our feed as well.


Universal feed app also have the feature to check stock availability so you can filter products based on stock and product sets can be updated automatically.

Custom Options

Universal feed have plenty of custom options which we can use to segment products on facebook/google to create different products sets.

Pricing Table

$ 10
  • Max Products 500
  • No. of Feeds 1
$ 20
  • Max Products 2000
  • No. of Feeds 5
$ 30
  • Max Products5000
  • Unlimited No. of Feeds
$ 50
  • Max Products 10,000
  • Unlimited No. of Feeds
$ 150
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited No. of Feeds

Brands Using Universal Product Feed App

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do – 7 day free trial.

The catalog feed hold information or data that enables a seller to advertise the products to sell on Facebook, Instagram, Google & snapchat.

Yes, this catalog has the feature of dynamic retargeting to show website visitors that hold a potential to turn to customers with personalized.Ads.

Yes , this catalog feed uses the feature of website crawl which makes it fully automated and extracts up to date information about relevant products from the website .

Yes, this catalog feed has the feature of working with multicurrency.

You can segment the products based on collection and can include or exclude as per say . However, you cannot segment on product level with the catalog feed.

Yes, this catalog feed has a free trial version of 7 days! So try it before you buy it

Collection ID and product tags are used for creating product segments or sets.

Products updated, added or deleted usually 5 – 10 minutes after you have updated, added or deleted from shopify. Or you can update feed manually by clicking on the update button above

Email us at help@universal-apps.com and we’ll be happy to help you.

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