Month: June 2023

27th June, 2023

Optimizing Push Notification Delivery: Timing and Frequency Tips

In this digital era, what are some ways of determining the effectiveness of your push notification services? The answer to this question lies in accessing success at the wise strategy and notification levels. It is important to analyze whether your messages are fulfilling your company’s objectives or not. These key...

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16th June, 2023

Creating a Dynamic Product Feed: Best Practices and Strategies

It’s the call of the time that you should revamp your online sale, and boost organic traffic by implementing best strategies, and wise practices while creating a dynamic product feed. Whether you are looking to embed your online Shopify store with some Shopify marketing app, or you want to increase...

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15th June, 2023

The Power of Push Notifications: Boosting User Engagement and Conversion Rates

In today's digital age, mobile engagement has become a supreme business looking to capture and retain the attention of its target audience.  One powerful tool that has emerged in this landscape is push notification services.  These mini-sized messages delivered directly to users' mobile devices have proven to be an effective...

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