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Gone are the days when you hire professionals and masterminds that scale up your online business, boost your sales, and increase the market value. Now, the automation of any business is just one click away!

Yes, we are talking about Universal Product Feed.

Shopify Universal Product Feed Application doesn’t only automate the new updates happening in your product feed but also increases the chances of potential buyers.

Let’s dive into the pool of questions that are intriguing and need precise, crisp, and thoughtful answers.

Why do you need Universal Facebook Product Feed?

Our app creates Facebook and Instagram dynamic shops and product feeds to automate the process of making ads for different collections or categories. It saves you time by syncing data with the relevant platform and automatically updates new products, prices, and inventory.

We’re fully automated, which makes us simply the best and incredible!

Does it work with international, multi-language, multi-currency stores?

Yes, it does, it offers full support for:

  • A variety of currencies (using the multi-currency feature by Shopify)
  • Different languages (using the multi-language feature by Shopify and other apps, such as Langify)
  • Various locations (if you have multiple warehouses)

Can this Shopify product feed personalize Facebook adverts without manual work?

Yes. It does! Universal Product feed is the basis for dynamic ads and we all know how well they perform to retarget customers.

What are some platforms for which Shopify Universal Product Feed comes in handy?

We all know that any Shopify product feed assists your business to intensify the sales, and market value so does this application.

This would assist you with the following platforms.

  • Instagram Product Feed
  • Facebook Product Feed
  • Google Product Feed
  • Snapchat Product Feed
  • TikTok Product Feed

How is Shopify Dynamic Facebook Ads Product Feed being automated by Universal Product Feed?

As we know Dynamic Ads are advertisements that are designed to automatically change in order to display content and promotions specifically tailored for each user based on their behavior.

They help you deliver more relevant ads that connect with your target audiences. Using dynamic ads, any brand is able to segment those people who have been on their website or app and offer them exclusively the products they have seen or are most interested in.

How to create Dynamic Facebook Ads?

You have to create dynamic ads manually in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Can I choose which products are included in the product feed?

Yes, you can:

  • Include all products
  • Include products from selected collections
  • Exclude products by product tag

Can I test it for free, do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we do offer a 7-day free trial for your assistance.

Is the Facebook product catalog hard to set up?

Not at all – You can look into Facebook Help Center for tutorials. Also, if you need help with setting it up – just get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Does Universal Product Feed automatically create dynamic ads?

No, it does not. You have to create them manually in your Facebook Ads Manager.

How does Universal Product Feeds assist in Dynamic Retargeting?

With dynamic retargeting, each individual consumer receives a customized ad. In most cases, this entails using machine learning technology to identify the creative components that will encourage a person to return and make a purchase.

So, universal product feed helps you to retarget each, and every individual to likely make the purchase.

Does it support Google Product Categories, Genders, Age Groups, and Colors?

Yes, it does. Set rules for categorization, and upgrade your google product feed with additional data.

What are some custom options that Universal Product Feed provides us hands down?

In order to segregate products on Facebook and Google and build various product groupings, Universal Product Feed has a ton of custom choices.

Such as the following:

  • Custom Label (From Option 0 to Option 4)
  • Featured Collections on Custom Labels
  • Featured Product Tags on Custom Labels
  • Variant Titles (You can set them as “by default”, or prioritizes by product sizes, colors, genders, or SKU Code)
  • Custom Text to Append
  • Exclude Products (anything that you don’t want to show up to their audiences)
  • Add Shipping Labels
  • Tax to All Prices? (Global settings, DO NOT ADD, ADD)

How does Universal Product Feed check the availability of the stock on its own?

Additionally, the Universal Feed App has a function to check stock availability, allowing you to select products based on stock and automatically update product sets.

Allowing you to:

  • Add a Product Feed by adding the currency name
  • Adding the currency parameters into the URL?
  • You can choose collections, products, and variant names

Let’s Summarize:

Last but not the least, if you still feel that you have a question that wasn’t answered here, then take a chill pill, and email us and we’ll assist you right away!

Happy Automation and Customer Retargeting!

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